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The Campaigns Team at the National Wildlife Federation has developed a toolkit aimed at providing a consistent framework for designing and running effective and strategic campaigns. The process of developing this tool was highly collaborative, engaging staff from regional offices including Directors of Conservation Partnerships and campaign and coalition leaders as well as leaders of several affiliates. 

Webinar Campaigns Planning Toolkit

This Webinar from May 24th, 2018 walks through the different resources that make up the “toolkit” and provides some clear definitions for the terms we use throughout the planning process. The full Webinar was 50 minutes long, but to see sections that focus on individual aspects of the tool, click on one of the resources below!

This is a guide for individuals who are facilitating a campaign planning process and is meant to be used in conjunction with the other pieces of the Campaign Planning Toolkit.

Pre-Planning Worksheet

This worksheet walks through the strategic thinking that campaign leaders must do before hosting a Campaign Planning Session. It covers topics like setting goals, identifying strategies, and selecting targets.

Campaign Planning Session

In order to facilitate an effective Campaign Planning Session, the toolkit offers a template power-point as well as a worksheet that covers topics best suited for a larger-group discussion.  It covers tiering targets, power-mapping, conducting an inventory of organizational assets, identifying limitations and challenges, and brainstorming tactics.

Post Planning Session Worksheet

This worksheet should be completed following a Campaign Planning Session and outlines some additional thinking and strategizing necessary to finalize your plan, including considering factors such as budget, capacity, local salience, and messaging.

The Campaign Planning Tactics Resource is a background document that provides some additional best practices to consider when evaluating tactics and laying out your plan on a timeline. It covers topics like entering the community, education, and ladders of engagement.

Campaign Planning Check List

The Campaign Checklist is an additional resource to ensure that you have established the necessary systems and infrastructure for running your campaign effectively. This is meant as a final step after the completion of your larger Campaign Plan.