Roadside Zoos or Menageries

Number: 1975-06


WHEREAS, many so-called roadside zoos or menageries frequently are established as adjunct to commercial ventures by individuals unskilled in the handling and care of wildlife; and

WHEREAS, roadside zoos or menageries often are permitted to operate with a minimum of governmental oversight; and

WHEREAS, the National Wildlife Federation long has supported the maintenance of wildlife for educational or scientific purposes by qualified individuals or institutions;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Wildlife Federation, in annual convention assembled March 14-16, 1975, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hereby urges and encourages state wildlife agencies which have not done so to assume leadership roles in establishing effective regulations to control the capturing, acquiring, and keeping of native wildlife for display in roadside zoos or menageries, with the ultimate objectives of eliminating inadequate and inhumane wildlife displays for any purpose.