Expression of Sorrow

Number: 1975-13


WHEREAS, accomplishments of conservationists in one era frequently are built upon sound foundations of efforts laid down by pioneers who preceded them; and

WHEREAS, from the time of its inception in 1936 until the present, the success of the National Wildlife Federation can be attributed to the dedicated and devoted efforts of national, state, and local conservation leaders, both within the organization and those in governmental agencies and in other groups who cooperated in efforts of mutual concern; and

WHEREAS, their time, knowledge, and personal assets have been contributed liberally and unselfishly; and

WHEREAS, these leaders have set examples which will encourage and inspire others for similar efforts and accomplishments for the public benefit and well-being for years to come;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Wildlife Federation, in annual convention assembled March 14-16, 1975, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hereby expresses a sincere sense of regret and loss at the recent deaths of the below-listed conservation leaders who contributed so much to this organization and its ideals and objectives:

Turner W. Battle, NWF Vice President and Executive Vice President of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation;

A. Gene Gazlay, Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and nationally-known conservation leader;

James R. Harlan, former public relations director and assistant director of the Iowa Conservation Commission and retired conservation consultant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency;

Jordan P. McFarland, long-time conservation leader associated with the Colorado Wildlife Federation;

Verne Joslin, former editor and secretary for the Minnesota Wildlife Federation and leader in the International Association of Game, Fish and Conservation Commissioners;

Miss Marjorie R. Carlson, first full-time secretary of the Iowa Wildlife Federation and secretary of the Des Moines County Conservation Board;

Wayne W. Carlson, Board member of the Iowa Wildlife Federation and long-time midwest conservation leader;

Michael F. Petruska, past-president of the New York State Conservation Council and prominent conservation leader;

Fred Mold, of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, a leader in the Vermont Natural Resources Council;

Harold A. Bauld, of Fayville, Massachusetts, a past-president and past-treasurer of the Massachusetts Wildlife Federation;

Reed Love, of Vanceburg, Kentucky, past-president of the League of Kentucky Sportsmen;

George Grebe, of Kuna, Idaho, one of the founders of the Idaho Wildlife Federation and a member of the original National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors;

Channing C. Schenck, long-time leader in the Oregon Wildlife Federation and an early member of the National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors;

James A. Mooney, of Wright, Kansas, a leader in the Kansas Wildlife Federation;

Leo Weisfield, of Seattle, Washington, a leader in the Washington State Sportsmen’s Council; and

Glen Viehmeyer, charter director of the Nebraska Wildlife Federation, and outstanding horticulturalist; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the National Wildlife Federation be instructed to convey this expression of sorrow to the surviving members of the families of the above-listed individuals.