Board Development



Board Development Presentation
From Propel Nonprofits


Board Development, Engagement, and Recruitment
Courtesy of Training Resources for Environmental Conservation (TREC)



Board Profile Worksheet
A tool to identify and track desirable board skills and characteristics, spotlighting what to seek from new board members. From Propel Nonprofits


Ten Dimensions That Shape Your Board Workbook
A tool designed to help you and your board understand the cultural and developmental context of your organization; recognize strengths and challenges related to how you work together; and consider alternative strategies that build on your strengths and guard against your challenges. From Propel Nonprofits


Board & Staff Levels of Influence


Board Self-Assessment
An annual survey to understand how board members are feeling and begin a discussion on objectives for the upcoming year. From Compass Point


Sample Board Recruitment Process
A template for recruiting board members to your organization. Agree on skills, roles, responsibilities, and qualities you are seeking within your organization, and customize for your organization’s unique needs. Courtesy of Training Resources for the Environmental Community (TREC)


Nonprofit Board Orientation Checklist
Checklist for introducing new board members to your programs, finances, and activities – and their responsibilities as board members. Courtesy of BoardSource


Annual Board Tune=Up
A checklist of twelve essential actions your board can take over the course of the year to improve your operations and effectiveness. From the National Council of Nonprofits


Recommended Governance Practices
An overview of the core practices that boards should adopt in their operations, recruitment, and governance of the organization. Courtesy of BoardSource


Board Service Handout
This infographic provides an overview of about the main roles, responsibilities and legal duties of board members. Courtesy of BoardSource


Sample Board Candidate Questions
A questionnaire for potential board members.

Publications, Reports and Articles


Coloring Outside the Box…One Size Does Not Fit All in Nonprofit Governance
A report about ways to improve board function and effectiveness, that proposes discussion questions to facilitate conversations between staff and board leaders. From Propel Nonprofits


Board Roles and Responsibilities
An overview of the responsibilities of nonprofit board members, including lots practical tips and resources. Via the National Council of Nonprofits


The Fiduciary Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board of Directors
An overview of the responsibility of nonprofit board members to oversee and manage an organization’s assets. Via BoardEffect