Award Nominations

All across America there are dedicated people and organizations who marshal their special talents and resources to help protect and restore the environment and natural resources of our world. The National Wildlife Federation seeks your nomination of these very special conservation heroes whose contributions inspire us all. Award winners will be honored at the 2020 National Wildlife Federation Annual Meeting.

National Conservation Achievement Awards at the Annual Meeting

  • Affiliate of the Year Award: Recognizes an NWF affiliate organization for conservation accomplishments and contributions to collaborative efforts across the Federation. View the nomination guidelines.
  • Volunteer of the Year Award: Recognizes an outstanding NWF affiliate volunteer or someone connected to the NWF affiliate family who gives their time, talents, and service to support the conservation efforts of the Federation. View the nomination guidelines.
  • Conservation Leadership Award: Recognizes sustained conservation commitment and leadership. View the nomination guidelines.
  • Young Leader Award: Recognizes the special conservation achievements of a young person who has worked to inspire change. View the nomination guidelines.
  • Charlie Shaw Conservation Partnership Award: This special achievement award was created in memory of Charlie Shaw, an NWF southeastern regional executive who passed away in 1990. Charlie is best remembered for fostering strong partnerships between NWF and our affiliates and for mentoring new leaders. This award recognizes individuals who continue to carry on the spirit of his work and reaffirm his accomplishments in building strong affiliates—and strong partnerships with affiliates. View the nomination guidelines.

Past Honorees

2019 Arizona Wildlife Federation
2018 Tennessee Wildlife Federation
2017 Environmental League of Massachusetts
2016 Association of Northwest Steelheaders
2015 Renewable Resources Coalition
2014 Prairie Rivers Network
2013 Conservation Council for Hawai’i
2012 Delaware Nature Society
2011 Texas Conservation Alliance
2010 North Carolina Wildlife Federation
2009 New Mexico Wildlife Federation
2008 Conservation Federation of Missouri
2007 Conservation Federation of Missouri
2006 Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
2005 Florida Wildlife Federation
2004 Arkansas Wildlife Federation
2003 Montana Wildlife Federation
2002 Nebraska Wildlife Federation
2001 Planning and Conservation League
2000 Alabama Wildlife Federation
1999 Idaho Wildlife Federation
1998 Natural Resources Council of Maine
1997 Virgin Islands Conservation Society
1996 New Hampshire Wildlife Federation
1995 Delaware Nature Society
1994 South Carolina Wildlife Federation
1993 Michigan United Conservation Clubs
1992 Georgia Wildlife Federation
1991 Environment Council of Rhode Island
1990 Montana Wildlife Federation
1989 Conservation Council of Hawai’i
1988 Vermont Natural Resources Council
1987 Louisiana Wildlife Federation
1986 Minnesota Conservation Federation
1985 Mississippi Wildlife Federation
1984 Colorado Wildlife Federation
1983 Wyoming Wildlife Federation
1982 Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM)
1981 Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs
1980 Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
1979 Tennessee Conservation League
1978 IA Wildlife Federation & VA Wildlife Federation
1977 South Carolina Wildlife Federation
1976 Michigan United Conservation Clubs
1975 NC Wildlife Federation & ND Wildlife Federation
1974 GA Wildlife Federation & OK Wildlife Federation
1973 KS Wildlife Federation & MT Wildlife Federation
1972 Alabama Wildlife Federation
1971 Vermont Natural Resources Council
1970 Arkansas Wildlife Federation
1969 NRCM & NC Wildlife Federation
1968 Indiana Conservation Council
1967 Federated Sportsmen’s Clubs of New Hampshire
1966 Virginia Wildlife Federation
1965 Minnesota Conservation Federation
2019 Dan and Connie Burkhardt, Katy Land Trust and Magnificent Missouri
2018 Dr. Katherine Stephens, South Carolina Wildlife Federation
2017 G. Richard Mode, North Carolina Wildlife Federation
2016 The Honorable Thomas B. Evans, Jr., U.S. Congress, Delaware
2015 Susan Flader, Ph.D, University of Missouri
2014 Michael Riska, Delaware Nature Society
2013 Connie Harvey, Aspen Wilderness Workshop & Hal Herring, writer and journalist
2012 Don Baugh, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
2019 Mike McKernan, South Dakota Wildlife Federation
2018 Michelle Blair, Mississippi Wildlife Federation
2017 Lil Pipping, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
2016 Ellen McNulty, Arkansas Wildlife Federation
2015 Pat Jones, Conservation Federation of Missouri
2014 Norm Ritchie, Association of Northwest Steelheaders
2013 Phil Taunton, Kansas Wildlife Federation
2012 Jane Tillman, Texas Conservation Alliance
2011 Peter Schutt, Tennessee Wildlife Federation
2010 Lorraine and Dick Fleming, Delaware Nature Society
2009 Peg Baseden, Delaware Nature Society
2008 Peter Brann, Natural Resources Council of Maine
2007 Ed Zygmunt, Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future
2006 Bob Johnson, Washington Wildlife Federation
2018 Dakin Hewlett, Delaware Nature Society
2017 David Calandro, Conservation Federation of Missouri
2016 Daniel Romero
2015 Jomar Floyd
2014 Michael Roles
2013 Jessica Howe
2010 Grace Breitenbeck
2009 Taylor Francis
2007 Carlos Morenos
2006 Colby Davidson
2005 Welland Burnside
2004 Alexis Kuiper
2003 Shelley Cheung
2002 Nicole Halpin
2001 Angela and Lauren Strong
2000 Danae Drashner
1999 United Anglers of Casa Grande High School
1998 Ney Frog Project Students
1997 La’Moyne Williams
1994 The Dolphin Defenders
1993 Brenda Lee Haylett
1992 Zoe Adams Ferguson
2019 Bob Rees, Association of Northwest Steelheaders & Lisa Moore, NWF
2018 Dave Chadwick, Montana Wildlife Federation & Tiffany Woods, NWF
2017 Angie Rosser, West Virginia Rivers Coalition & Jim Lyon, NWF
2016 Janice Bezanson, Texas Conservation Alliance & Don Hooper, NWF
2015 Tom Mackin, Arizona Wildlife Federation & Doug Inkley, NWF
2014 Mack Turner, Texas Conservation Alliance & Jan Goldman-Carter, NWF
2013 Dan Chu, NWF
2012 Tim Gestwicki, North Carolina Wildlife Federation & Trudy Kerr, NWF
2011 Jack Schempp, Environment Council of Rhode Island & Claudia Malloy, NWF
2009 John Goss, Indiana Wildlife Federation
2008 Andy McDaniels, Oklahoma Wildlife Federation & Sarah Gannon-Nagle, NWF
2007 G. Richard Mode, North Carolina Wildlife Federation & Felice Stadler, NWF
2006 Oscar Simpson, New Mexico Wildlife Federation & FG Courtney, NWF
2005 Dennis Beuchler, Colorado Wildlife Federation & Ben Deeble, NWF
2004 Dick Fleming, Delaware Nature Society & Julie Sibbing, Eliza Russell, and Mark Winland; NWF
2003 Jim Wood, Arkansas Wildlife Federation & David Mizejewski and Tom Lustig, NWF
2002 Keith Saucier, Louisiana Wildlife Federation & Tom Dougherty and Vicki Seastrom, NWF
2001 Chuck Rice, North Carolina Wildlife Federation & David Conrad, NWF
2000 Duane Hovorka, NE Wildlife Federation; Angela Viney, SC Wildlife Federation & Jerry Mulligan, NWF
1999 Dave Dittloff, Wyoming Wildlife Federation & Glenn Sugameli, NWF
1998 Chris Kilian, Vermont Natural Resources Council & Rick Spencer, NWF
1997 Paul Beaudette, Environment Council of Rhode Island & Susan Witek, NWF
1996 Mary Shriver, New Hampshire Wildlife Federation & Jim Irwin, NWF
1995 Jerry McCollum, GA Wildlife Federation; Al Rollo, MT Wildlife Federation & Laura Hickey, NWF
1994 Chip Brown, Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen Clubs & Craig Tufts, NWF
1993 Manley Fuller, FL Wildlife Federation; Becky Scheibelhut, IN Wildlife Federation & Deehon Ferris, NWF
1992 Loren Forbes, IA Wildlife Federation; John Eichinger, MI United Conservation Clubs & Catherine Malinin, NWF